Lab Equipment & Supplies

Propagation of orchids and many other plants is often a laboratory function. Conditions must be sterile and controlled. The tissue culture laboratories in Taiwan are state of the art and the manufactures of the equipment and supplies are world class. But most of the manufactures specialize in only a few of the many items used in a modern tissue culture laboratory.

Our company deals in the equipments and supplies used in tissue culture of orchids or other plants. A partial list of our tissue culture equipment and supplies is given below:

ĦE Autoclaves - small, medium, and large. Gas or electric.
ĦE Laminar Flow Hoods, several sizes, HEPA filter type
ĦE Electronic balances
ĦE Triple beam balance
ĦE Conductivity meters
ĦE pH meters
ĦE Water Distiller
ĦE Stereomicroscopes
ĦE Glass bead sterilizers
ĦE Test tube shakers
ĦE Hot plate, stirrer
ĦE Dissection microscope
ĦE Light meters

ĦE Beakers
ĦE Flask brushes
ĦE Test tube brushes
ĦE Graduated cylinders
ĦE Petri dishes
ĦE Erlenmeyer flasks
ĦE Rubber stoppers with hole
ĦE Stainless forceps
ĦE Stainless tweezers
ĦE Pipets
ĦE Stainless scalpels
ĦE Stainless long handled spoons
ĦE Spatulas
ĦE Test tubes
ĦE Test tube holders
ĦE Weighting papers

Tell us of your requirements and we will provide you with the specifications and the price for your specific laboratory needs. You will be pleased with the high quality and the affordable price of Taiwan made tissue culture laboratory equipment and supplies. We are waiting to serve you.

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