Potted Phalaenopsis Orchids

Current available list will be provided upon request

Phalaenopsis supplied by Smart Direct are grown mainly in central and southern Taiwan.Orchids that are shipped in media to the United States are grown in certified facilities.Shipments can be arranged for air freight or sea container delivery. Shipments to Europe meet the EU requirements.

Growing conditions are carefully controlled so that plants are healthy, free of disease and free of insect damage. Plants are normally mericlones so flower quality and size/color is consistent.

Plants are available in sizes ranging from 15cm-18cm, 18-22cm, 28-32cm, and 35cm + leaf span. The size can be selected from the following table.

15cmV17cm (6V6.7), grown in 5cm (2 inch) pot
18cmV22cm (7.1V8.7), grown in 8cm (3.2 inch) pot
28cmV32cm (11V12.3), grown in 11cm & 12cm (4.3-4.7 pot)
35cm and up (13.8+), grown in 4 3/4 to 5 1/2 inch size pot

Color selection includes white, pink, red, yellow, mottled, stripe Ketc. We grow just about any color and flower size that is available.

Plants are guaranteed to pass inspection at the receiving agriculture stations where the plants pass through customs. Plants are normally packed 48pcs to 130pcs to a box depends on the plant size. Plants are shipped in the soft pots and will release easily so that they can be potted up into the customers normal container without any damage to the root system. For those who do not want to re-pot, the soft pot can be dropped into a decorative pot for retail sales. When mature plants arrive at the destination they should be quickly removed from the boxes and put into a low light environment. After approximately 14-21 days, they can be chilled to induce spiking and will be ready for shelf sales in about 90 days.

Prices depend on method of shipment, destination and quantity.

Our program is flexible. We will allow you to mix varieties and colors, as you like. Typically, customers will order say a quantity of white, white with red lip, pinks, and others specifying the quantity of each and the quantity that should be large single spike and the quantity that should be smaller flower and multiple spiking. We grow the largest percentage of large white and large pink because they continue to be in the highest demand. The registered name of the orchids is provided with the shipment.

Because of the knowledge we have accumulated and the automation of our growing conditions we can produce a high quality plant at a reasonable cost that is ready to be finished in your nursery. Turn your orchids in 3 to 4 months instead of 2 years!